5 Business English Phrases For Your Next Meeting

Meetings are a very common feature of a business environment. When you go to meetings and you need to speak English, it is important to know what the presenter or the manager wants you to do next.

In this post, we have 5 business English phrases for your next meeting! Try to use these phrases if you get the chance and you will look very professional in your office!

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To get the ball rolling

This is a phrase that you will hear at the start of meetings. When someone says that they want to get the ball rolling, it means that the meeting is about to begin. Stop drinking your coffee and make sure you are paying attention!

The person leading the meeting may also ask if everyone is ready to get the ball rolling.

Example: “Alright, let’s get the ball rolling, it looks like everyone is here.”

The bottom line

The bottom line is probably the most important phrase in this list. The bottom line is the most important information or the key point of a meeting. You should make sure you understand the bottom line of what the presenter is saying!

This one should be used to make people pay attention to what you are saying. You will be able to make sure your main idea is heard when you use this phrase.

Example: Okay, the bottom line is that we are losing money with this project.

To get up to speed

Here is a phrase that you may hear during a meeting or maybe even before the meeting starts. To get up to speed with something means that someone looks at the latest information about a project or concept.

You can also ask someone to help get you up to speed on something. This means that they will help you to understand the latest developments.

Example: “Ben, can you get up to speed with the latest sales report? We will be discussing it at the meeting.”

To touch base

Touching base with someone means that you will have some kind of contact or discussion with a person or group of people. This may be a request that you hear at the meeting or it might be something you have to before the meeting takes place.

If someone asks you to touch base with them later, be sure to give them a call or at least send them an email.

Example: We’ll touch base after the project is completed.

Going forward

When you use this phrase, you are talking about the future or the plan that will come next. Going forward is fantastic to use at the end of a meeting and makes sure that everyone knows what they should do next.

You will want to take note of what the speaker says about going forward.

Example: Until now, we have done it the old way, but going forward, we are going to do it the new way.