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Live English Classes

Learn English with native teachers. Book a class at a time and date that suits you and practice speaking naturally in English. In classes you will learn how to use expressions like a native, you will learn vocabulary and you will become more confident in English.

We Teach You


Practice speaking in English and get feedback from native English teachers. You can submit speaking tasks and receive advice on what to correct and also praise about what you did well. Improve your confidence and sound like a native speaker in English.

Classes include: Home Instant English, Health Instant English, Music Instant English, Shopping Instant English, Privacy Instant English, Sport Instant English, Cinema Instant English, Work Instant English, Education Instant English, The Media Instant English, The Internet Instant English, Money Instant English, Art Instant English, Language Instant English, Family Instant English, Travel Instant English


Learn new English words and become more fluent with your English. Vocabulary is very important when learning a new language and the more words you know, the better you will speak and write. Use our vocabulary flashcards to learn vocabulary quickly and efficiently.

Classes include: Home Vocabulary, Health Vocabulary, Music Vocabulary, Shopping Vocabulary, Privacy Vocabulary, Sport Vocabulary, Cinema Vocabulary, Work Vocabulary, Education Vocabulary, The Media Vocabulary, The Internet Vocabulary, Money Vocabulary, Art Vocabulary, Language Vocabulary, Family Vocabulary, Travel Vocabulary


Perfect your English grammar and learn new concepts in English. Grammar can be tricky and these classes give you the information that you need to write and speak English like a native speaker.

Classes include: The Past Perfect, The Past Perfect Continuous, The Present Perfect, The Present Perfect Continuous, The Future Perfect, The Simple Present, The Simple Past, The Simple Future, The Past Continuous, The Future Perfect Continuous, The Future Continuous, The Zero Conditional, The Type 1 Conditional, The Type 2 Conditional, The Type 3 Conditional, The Present Continuous

Business English

Take business English classes and learn to speak English in business situations. You can choose from a wide range of classes depending on the topic that you want to practice.

Classes include: The Workplace, Corruption, Negotiation, Automation, Recruitment, Professionalism, Motivation, Leadership, Qualifications, Client Management, Personal Development, Customer Service, Budget