Asking and Answering Questions in English (With Examples)

In this post you will find some great English questions along with the correct way to answer them in English. Be sure to watch out for word order as well as the verb form used in each example.

Practice these examples by reading them out loud and writing down the questions and answers in your notes.

You will notice that with most of the questions, the verb that you need to use is given to you in the question. Try to use the question to help you to answer.

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QUESTION: Which one would you like?

ANSWER: I would like the red one.

QUESTION: What would you like to do?

ANSWER: I would like to go to the park.

QUESTION: Are you ready to go?

ANSWER: Yes, I am ready to go.

QUESTION: Would you like to go to the concert?

ANSWER: Yes, I would like to go to the concert.

QUESTION: Is it okay to go to the park?

ANSWER: Yes, it’s okay (to go to the park).

QUESTION: Where is the park?

ANSWER: The park is over there.

QUESTION: Will you be ready to go?

ANSWER: Yes, I will be ready to go.

QUESTION: Have you been to France?

ANSWER: Yes, I have been to France.

QUESTION: Have you done the dishes?

ANSWER: No, I haven’t done the dishes.

QUESTION: Did you have a good day?

ANSWER: Yes, I did (have a good day).

QUESTION: Would you like to go home?

ANSWER: Yes, I would (like to go home).

QUESTION: Would you like some coffee?

ANSWER: No, thank you. Do you have any tea?

QUESTION: Were you pleased to see him?

ANSWER: Yes, I was (pleased to see him).

If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments.