Tips to Improve English Vocabulary AND 5 NEW WORDS!

It is so important to improve English vocabulary.

It takes time to learn new words and even more importantly, it takes time to get the words to stay in your memory.

When you learn a new word, it is a good idea to write it down in your English notebook. You can also take the time to form a sentence or two that is personal to you about the word. This will make the word a lot more connected to you and your life. Make the sentences memorable and then read them out loud. You could also do this with a friend or even with a colleague.

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5 NEW English Words…

Here are 5 new words for your English that will really improve your vocabulary. We have even included some business vocabulary to help our professional English learners!

Try to use the methods we have mentioned to remember these words: Read them, write them in sentences and say them out loud.