4 English Words For Privacy

When you are online, it is very important to take care of your security and your privacy. In today’s connected world, you may need to secure your business or home devices with some of these words.

Here we have 4 useful English words for privacy. You can use these words to make sure you are secure with everything you do!

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Authorisation is something that needs to happen so that content can be accessed. This authorisation could be in the form of accepting terms and conditions or signing a document.

Be careful when you give authorisation for something to happen. You could be signing your life away.

Example: The user gave authorisation for the app to track his movement.


Confidentiality is something that is very important both online and offline. Confidentiality means that a subject will not be discussed with anyone that doesn’t need to know about it.

This one might be used in a doctor’s office or in a law firm when talking about sensitive information.

Example: There was confidentiality between doctor and patient.


A breach is something that you definitely do not want to happen. This is a negative term that is used if an agreement or a law is broken. This could happen in an online or an offline setting.

If there is a breach of privacy or sensitive information, it can cause a lot of problems for the people involved.

Example: The website breached privacy laws.


This is an interesting word because it can also be used in a cinematic context. When you screen a person or an object, you make sure that they have been evaluated or investigated before they can continue.

In the cinema, we use screening to speak about the showing of a film. We don’t need that version in this context!

Example: The data was screened for malware.