Live English Class – Work

Live English Class Work

Check out this Live English Class on Work. Select an option below to start speaking about Work with a Native English teacher. We also have FREE English Vocabulary Classes for students to get started. Click here to try a FREE Vocabulary Class



In this Live English Class we will practice:

– Speaking about work-life balance

– Expressing your own opinion about your working life

– Speaking about different types of industry

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The article for this class discusses the increasing strain of working life and how it affects the lives of ordinary workers:

“The concept of working above and beyond our basic paid-for hours has subtly wormed its way into our office culture so that now many of us believe it is part and parcel of any white-collar job.” 

In discussing the article and during the class you will learn lots of great vocabulary. Click here for the FREE Vocabulary Class

These words include:

Commuter – A person who regularly travels to work.
Employee – A worker in a company.
Employer – A person or organisation that employs people.
To take a job – To accept an employment position.
Occupation – A job or profession.
Profession – A paid area of expertise.
Application –  A formal request for employment or permission.
Apprentice – A person that learns a profession whilst working.
To apply for a job – To submit an application for a job.
Vacancy – An open position.
To fire somebody – To dismiss an employee.
Unemployment – Not having a job.
Full-time – A job that demands all available time.
Part-time – A job that only demands a part of your time.
Pay cut – A reduction of someone’s wages.
Pay rise – An increase in someone’s wages.
Overtime – A time worked outside of normal hours.
To be your own boss – To work according to your own terms.
Dead-end job  A job that has no future opportunity.
Maternity leave – Time away from work given to new mothers.
Paternity leave – Time away from work given to new fathers.
A nine-to-five job – Working from 9 AM to 5 PM.
Manual labour – Working with your hands.
Self-employment – Working independently.
Sick leave – Time away from work given to people that are ill.
Salary – A regular payment given to employees.
To give notice – To tell your employer that you’re leaving.
Remote work – To work from a different location to the company.
Workload – The amount of work that someone has to do.

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