Live English Class – Travel

Live English Class Travel

Check out this Live English Class on Travel. Select an option below to start speaking about Travel with a Native English teacher. We also have FREE English Vocabulary Classes for students to get started. Click here to try a FREE Vocabulary Class



In this Live English Class we will practice:

– Speaking about travel

– Expressing your own opinion on what travel can do for people

– Exploring why people have different opinions about travel

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The article for this class discusses the merits of minimalism for travel ambitions:

“I have been able to save much more money with each paycheck and already have a travel fund that seems like it could take me far. If you haven’t looked into going minimalist yet, I would highly recommend it to anyone out there looking to travel.” 

In discussing the article and during the class you will learn lots of great vocabulary. Click here for the FREE Vocabulary Class

These words include:

To check in – To arrive early and register for something.
To check out – To leave and settle a bill in a hotel.
Flight – A journey by air.
Departure – The time that you start a journey.
Arrival – The time that you get to a destination.
Reservation – Booking or saving a place.
Getaway –  A short trip to a destination.
Trek – A long journey on foot.
City break – A short holiday in a city.
To wander – To walk without a destination.
Customs – The process of checking goods at the airport.
To be homesick – To miss being at home.
Jet lag – A feeling of extreme fatigue after a flight.
Ticket – A document that allows you to enter or use a service.
Airline – A company that provides flights.
Business class – A more comfortable and more expensive seat.
Economy class – A normally priced seat for standard travel.
Room service – The ability to order food or drink to your room.
To catch a train  To get on a train and travel.
Shuttle service – A travel service between two locations.
To board – To get into a vehicle.
To book – To reserve or arrange something.
Baggage carousel – The place where you collect your luggage.
Delay – When something is later than arranged.
On time – When something happens at the correct time.
One-way ticket – A ticket to a destination.
Return ticket – A ticket that brings you back from a destination.
Stopover – To stop at a location before the final destination.
To roam – To travel without purpose.

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