Live English Class – Sport

Live English Class Sport

Check out this Live English Class on Sport. Select an option below to start speaking about Sport with a Native English teacher. We also have FREE English Vocabulary Classes for students to get started. Click here to try a FREE Vocabulary Class



In this Live English Class we will practice:

– Speaking about sport

– Expressing your own opinion about sports ethics

– Speaking about different types of sport

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The article for this class discusses the idea of finding peace through sport:

“Sport has been known to be the most unifying tool for peace in the world. It’s been idealised as a way to heal wounds, mend fences, and rise above differences among cultures and nations. But nobody sells the sports-as-diplomacy theme better than the Olympics.” 

In discussing the article and during the class you will learn lots of great vocabulary. Click here for the FREE Vocabulary Class

These words include:

Athlete – A proficient sportsperson.
Champion – A person who has won a competition.
Competitor – A person that is participating in a competition.
Arena – A place designated for a contest.
Strategy – A detailed plan for an event or contest.
Final score – The score at the end of the game.
Gymnasium – A room designed for physical activity.
Half-time – The interval at the midpoint of a match.
League – A ranking of teams or competitors.
Manager – The person responsible for a team.
Physique – The form of someone’s body.
Offside – An illegal position ahead of play.
Opponent – The person or people competing against you.
Playoffs – A set of matches for the best teams in a league.
Referee – The person that enforces the rules of a sport.
Sportsmanship – A respect between competitors.
Tactics – A set of strategies designed to win a game.
Stadium – A large facility designed for sport.
Teamwork  When a team of people work together.
Umpire – Another word for referee.
Tournament – A competition between people or teams.
Whistle – The device used by the referee to stop the game.
Fair play – To play according to the rules of the game.
Promotion – To move up into a higher league.
Relegation – To move down to a lower league.
To get in shape – To become healthy and improve fitness.
To keep fit – To maintain a state of health and fitness.
To set a record – To achieve a result that is the best ever.
To take up exercise – To start exercising or playing sport.

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