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Check out this Live English Class on Language. Select an option below to start speaking about Language with a Native English teacher. We also have FREE English Vocabulary Classes for students to get started. Click here to try a FREE Vocabulary Class



In this Live English Class we will practice:

– Speaking about language

– Exploring language learning techniques

– Discussing issues linked to language

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The article for this class discusses the benefits of being a polyglot:

“The ability to speak a language other than your native tongue is not as difficult and indeed not as impressive as some people believe it to be. Break down your personal barriers today, connect with people from all areas of the globe and come and join us at the polyglot party!” 

In discussing the article and during the class you will learn lots of great vocabulary. Click here for the FREE Vocabulary Class

These words include:

Fluency – The ability to express a language comfortably.
Target language – The language that you want to express.
Second language – A language other than the native language.
Accent – The way that a word or language sounds.
Dialect – A language specific to a region or group of people.
Pronunciation – The sound of a word.
Phonetic – The sound of speech.
Vocabulary – A group of words.
Polyglot – Being able to speak many languages.
Bilingual – Being able to speak two languages.
To interpret – To help others understand something.
To translate – To change one language into another.
To be fluent – To be comfortable speaking a language.
Broken language – Speaking a language with mistakes.
Idiom – A native expression for a specific idea or feeling.
Alliteration – Words in a row that have the same first syllable.
Linguist – A person skilled in languages.
Linguistic – Referring to language or language study.
Mother tongue – Native language.
Native speaker – A person that speaks their country’s language.
Monosyllabic – A word with one syllable.
Synonymous – Words with similar definitions.
To utter – Another way of saying “to speak”.
To declare – To make a strong statement.
To speak out – To speak strongly about something.
To memorise – To remember something.
Multilingualism – Speaking or knowing more than one language.
Proficiency – Skill or expertise in a subject.
Tongue – Another word for language.

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